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GAP YEAR (1ère ES2 / 1ère S5)

Here are three different recordings to practise your listening comprehension skills.

1. What is a gap year: listen again to the recording. Take notes and recap IN ENGLISH.

2. Lucy’s gap year: listen to this recording from 3 to 5 times. Take notes and recap IN ENGLISH.

3. Document n°3: Why did you have a gap year? Listen to this recording 3 or 4 times. Take notes and recap IN FRENCH (15 MINUTES MAX TO WRITE YOUR TEXT IN FRENCH)


CO: Obama honours Rosa Parks (1ère)

Watch the video again (two to three times) without pause, take notes and recap in French (15 minutes max).

Listening Comprehension 1ère: entrainement

Here is a video to improve your listening comprehension skills.  Watch the document 3 or 4 times until 1’34. Do not stop the video. Take notes. Report in French (15 minutes max). 

Do it again with the second part of the video (from 1’34 to the end). 

A correction will be posted by the end of the holidays. 


And here is the correction…


Strange fruit (Billie Holiday) – 1ère

Here is the song  ’Strange fruit’ by Billie Holiday we are studying in class at the moment + a worksheet.

Rare Live Footage of one of the first anti rascism songs ever.

Here is a quick correction: 

Cartoon: From slavery to the White House ( 1ère)

Here is the cartoon by Greenberg we studied in class + a correction. 

How much do you know about Black American History (1ère)

Here is the webquest you did to get to know more about Black American History. 


New Year’s resolutions hard to keep

Here is the recording you listened to in class + the worksheet! I also inclused a list of the most common new year’s resolutions! 

Don’t be a Gary! (2nd)

Here is the video! Watch it carefully and answer the questions on the worksheet I gave you in class! 


The King’s speech (1ere)

Here is the worksheet I gave you about the King’s speech! Hope you enjoyed the film!


Here is the official trailer to remind you  of the plot + the final scene !


Language schools ads (1ère STMG)

Here are the ads you started studying in class! Get ready to present yours in front of the class! 

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