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Social media – Atkinson’s picture (2nd)

Here are the worksheets + correction about Atkinson’s picture on social media and apps! 

Lucy’s new year’s resolutions (2nd)

Here is the recording we listened to in class! Listen to it once more -if needed- and recap IN FRENCH!

New Year’s resolutions hard to keep

Here is the recording you listened to in class + the worksheet! I also inclused a list of the most common new year’s resolutions! 

Don’t be a Gary! (2nd)

Here is the video! Watch it carefully and answer the questions on the worksheet I gave you in class! 



Here is the trailer of Clint Eastwood’s film: Invictus!

Hope you enjoyed watching it and learnt a lot about Rugby and Brotherhood! 



CO d’entrainement (2nd)

Here is a listening comprehension + a worksheet to check out your findings!


The Haka (2nd)

Here are the text + the questions you had to answer to about this traditional war dance performed by the All Blacks before the rugby matches! 

Watch these two videos again! I JUST LOVE IT!

The first one is a Haka Ka Maté performed before the France/New Zealand test match in 2013.

The second one is a Haka Kapa O Pango. Ahead of the final of Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand, the French team formed an arrow as the All Blacks performed their pre-match tradition – the haka.


The 2015 Rugby World Cup – Team Talk (2nd)

Here is the video we watched in class + the worksheet! 

How European are you? (2nd euro)

Here is the webquest you had to do in the computer room + the answers. Get ready to talk about Europe next Tuesday!

Cartoon: Back to school -jitters (Josh) – 2nd

Here is the worksheet I gave you with the cartoon ‘Back to school, jitters’.


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