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Social media – Atkinson’s picture (2nd)

Here are the worksheets + correction about Atkinson’s picture on social media and apps! 

Lucy’s new year’s resolutions (2nd)

Here is the recording we listened to in class! Listen to it once more -if needed- and recap IN FRENCH!

1916 Easter rising (2nd euro)

Here is the timeline I gave you about the 1916 Easter Rising Background…useful to better understand why a group of Irish decided to rebel!

And here is the webquest you have to finish for next Tuesday using the information given in the two films below. 

New Year’s resolutions hard to keep

Here is the recording you listened to in class + the worksheet! I also inclused a list of the most common new year’s resolutions! 

Don’t be a Gary! (2nd)

Here is the video! Watch it carefully and answer the questions on the worksheet I gave you in class! 


Green pavilion schools in Ireland

Saint Fintan’s High school, our partner school in Dublin, has a green pavilion. What does it actually mean? To get to know more about the green pavilion school scheme, you have prepared a few questions to be asked to our partners when we visit them in Jannuary! 


How green are you?

Here is the survey we created in class with a few questions to be asked to your Irish host families but also to Irish people in the streets of Dublin! 


Here is the trailer of Clint Eastwood’s film: Invictus!

Hope you enjoyed watching it and learnt a lot about Rugby and Brotherhood! 



CO d’entrainement (2nd)

Here is a listening comprehension + a worksheet to check out your findings!


Peace for Paris  symbol by Jean JULLIEN

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