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Black Friday: Shopping frenzy videos (Tle)

Shoppers brawl over Black Friday deals.

CNN’s Deborah Feyerick reports on the Black Friday shopping madness fights sweeping across the country.
(NY Times) Black Friday shoppers brawl over Barbies, electronics around the country as chaos surrounds annual shopping tradition

Stores opened their doors around 6 p.m. Thursday as the day of consumerism has leaked into Thanksgiving. People lined up for hours to get their hands on discounted goods, at times fighting over some of the best deals at big box stores.
Let the bargain-hunting brawls begin.

Black Friday shopping invades British stores

Buy Nothing Day: 5 visual documents (Tle)

Choose ONE of the documents below (one of the 2 posters or one of the three commercials). Get ready to present it to the class as an oral exercise (Prise de Parole en Continu). TO BE TAKEN VERY SERIOUSLY AS THIS EXERCISE WILL BE MARKED

If you want to, you can also write a text about your document and hand it to me in the next class! 

Open the file to see the posters!



And here are the 3 videos to be watched!

CO – Shopping on Thanksgiving day (Tle)

Here is the recording you have to sum up for Thursday. Listen to it carefully (3 to 4 times), take notes and recap in French (ES) or in English (L); 

Here is the recap in French! 


Language schools ads (1ère STMG)

Here are the ads you started studying in class! Get ready to present yours in front of the class! 

CO d’entrainement (2nd)

Here is a listening comprehension + a worksheet to check out your findings!


Peace for Paris  symbol by Jean JULLIEN

A message of Hope

Following the terrible attacks our country underwent on Friday, I would like to share with you all this wonderful message for Hope, Peace and Unity. 

I guess you already know this song, but listen to it careful again, and together let’s dream and build a better future.


The Rime of the ancient Mariner (LELE)

Here is the engraving by Gustave Doré to introduce Coleridge’s poem! Look for more information and answer the questions for Tuesday!

SHOPPING FRENZY: Trampled to Death + I have to have it

Here are the two extracts you have to study for next week + a Worksheet with questions.

Confessions of a shopaholic: here is the movie trailer! Enjoy!

And here is a summary of the two texts! You did a very good job in class! 

Listening Comprehension: Consumerism (Tle)

Here is the recording you listened to in class + the correction (in French and English). 

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