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Lucy’s new year’s resolutions (2nd)

Here is the recording we listened to in class! Listen to it once more -if needed- and recap IN FRENCH!

The wall of shame (Tle)

Here is the video about the US/ Mexico border. Watch it carefully, take notes, answer the questions on the worksheet and get ready to report in class!

And here is a quick correction…

Strange fruit (Billie Holiday) – 1ère

Here is the song  ’Strange fruit’ by Billie Holiday we are studying in class at the moment + a worksheet.

Rare Live Footage of one of the first anti rascism songs ever.

Here is a quick correction: 

1916 Easter rising (2nd euro)

Here is the timeline I gave you about the 1916 Easter Rising Background…useful to better understand why a group of Irish decided to rebel!

And here is the webquest you have to finish for next Tuesday using the information given in the two films below. 

Obama’s speech on immigration (Tle)

Here is the worksheet I gave you in class + the video. Listen 3 or 4 times to Obama’s speech about immigration from 18’23 to 21’45


President Obama speaks on the need for comprehensive immigration reform and outlines a proposal for a fair, effective and commonsense immigration system.


Cartoon: From slavery to the White House ( 1ère)

Here is the cartoon by Greenberg we studied in class + a correction. 

How much do you know about Black American History (1ère)

Here is the webquest you did to get to know more about Black American History. 


Northanger Abbey (Jane Austen)

Here is a short introduction to Jane Austen’s novel ‘Northanger Abbey’ + an extract from the text + the questions! 

And here is the BBC adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel. This part corresponds to the extract studied in class. 

Here is a correction! 

New Year’s resolutions hard to keep

Here is the recording you listened to in class + the worksheet! I also inclused a list of the most common new year’s resolutions! 

Notion 2 – plan de synthèse (Tle)

Here is a little help for your oral exam! Don’t forget to get ready for your mock exam next week!


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