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LELE: Dossier ‘Gothic literature’ + choix du document personnel

Here is the paper I gave you in class to help you look for and choose your personal document for your oral exam. 

Frankenstein (Mary Shelley) Tle LELE

Here are the worksheets about Frankenstein Chapter V.


Dulce Pinzon’s photographs (Tle)

Here is the document I gave you in class about Dulce Pinzon’s work + a few questions to be answered.

Here is the link to Dulce Pinzon’s website: Click on ‘The real stories of the superheroes’ to discover her photographs.

And here is the correction

Listening Comprehension 1ère: entrainement

Here is a video to improve your listening comprehension skills.  Watch the document 3 or 4 times until 1’34. Do not stop the video. Take notes. Report in French (15 minutes max). 

Do it again with the second part of the video (from 1’34 to the end). 

A correction will be posted by the end of the holidays. 


And here is the correction…


Southern trees (1ère)

Here is the text you have to read + the questions to be answered. 

The Dream Act + Undocumented shadows (Tle)

Here is the worksheet I gave you about the Dream Act! Answer the questions for Thursday! + the video entitled ‘undocumented shadows’ about youn illegal students in the USA;


Undocumented Shadows – A Dream Act Infographic 

Millions of children are brought to the United States illegally without choice. Even though many of them integrate and become active members of their American communities, they face the hardship of not being able to go to college, drive or get jobs, and constantly fear deportation. This infographic Public Service Announcement illustrates the problem dealt by young immigrants and supports the Dream Act, a bill that gives residency to undocumented immigrants. People eligible came here as children, have been here for a substantial amount of time and are of good character. This bill was created to help dreamers in the country they call home: the United States.

Ana’s story (Tle)

Here is the text + the questions about Ana who left Mexico for the USA …

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