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Social media – Atkinson’s picture (2nd)

Here are the worksheets + correction about Atkinson’s picture on social media and apps! 

The Gulabi Gang and Sampat Dal Devi (Tle)

Here is the text + the trailer about the Gulabi gang! 

Sohum Shah presents Nishtha Jain’s multiple award winning documentary Gulabi Gang. The film is being theatrically released in India by PVR Director’s Rare on 21st February, 2014. 

In 2006 an extraordinary women’s movement started in the Bundelkhand region, What started as a small movement in one of the poorest districts of Uttar Pradesh has now spread across whole of North India and has even gained recognition the world over. The group is known as the Gulabi Gang .These women were tired of a corrupt judicial system which refused to take up cases of abused women and finally when nothing was happening, they took matters in their own hands and solved cases..

And here is another very good report on the gang! 



Another girl (Tle)

Here is the text we studied in class about female infanticide in India + the questions + the correction. 

Romeo and Juliet: the balcony scene (LELE)

Here is the first extract we are going to study! I am sure you have already heard of it! And here are the questions you will have to answer!

And here is the correction



 Romeo and Juliet (1968): hugely successful adaptation both critically and commercially; directed by Franco Zeffirelli (UK/Italy)

Romeo & Juliet : Royal Shakespeare Company – on stage footage NY

William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (1996): modernisation of the story, which retains Shakespeare’s language but sets the play in « Verona Beach » in Florida; directed by Baz Luhrmann (USA)

Another girl (Tle)

Here is the text you have to study for Thursday + the questions!

3 videos about the condition of women in India (Tle)

Here is the worksheet you have to fill in + the 3 videos you must watch for Friday to introduce notion 4!

1. The plight of Indian women: CNN’s Sumnima Udas examines the cycle of discrimination against women in India.

2. Violence against women in India -three things to know (Council on Foreign Relations): A brutal New Delhi gang rape has triggered outrage across India. CFR’s Isobel Coleman highlights three things to know about the case, and discusses the larger issue of violence against women in the country:

3. India is a dangerous place to be a woman (Euronews)

And here is the correction! Sorry again for being absent on Friday!

Synthèse notion 3 (Tle)

Voici une proposition de plan pour votre PPC sur la notion 3! Hope it helps! 

Living with Arizona Immigration’s Law (Tle)

Here is a short text about SB1070 + a cartoon de descrbe and analyse for next lesson! 

And here is the link to the video we watched in class + a recap in English

The controversial immigration law in place in Arizona has impacted the lives for many residents in the state, from undocumented aliens to legal residents who are regularly asked to show their papers, report s Brian Rooney.


Bac blanc -corrigé (Tle)

CO: Obama honours Rosa Parks (1ère)

Watch the video again (two to three times) without pause, take notes and recap in French (15 minutes max).

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