The Gulabi Gang and Sampat Dal Devi (Tle)

Here is the text + the trailer about the Gulabi gang! 

Sohum Shah presents Nishtha Jain’s multiple award winning documentary Gulabi Gang. The film is being theatrically released in India by PVR Director’s Rare on 21st February, 2014. 

In 2006 an extraordinary women’s movement started in the Bundelkhand region, What started as a small movement in one of the poorest districts of Uttar Pradesh has now spread across whole of North India and has even gained recognition the world over. The group is known as the Gulabi Gang .These women were tired of a corrupt judicial system which refused to take up cases of abused women and finally when nothing was happening, they took matters in their own hands and solved cases..

And here is another very good report on the gang! 



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